Big things have happened and are continuing to happen

SOS coverKill Matilda‘s Songs of Survival is now finally out on Little Heart Records! You can get it in CD or cassette form, or download on iTunes.

The lead single is Needle & Thread. We premiered it on, along with our announcement of signing to Little Heart from Louisville, KY.

In high school, I was learning to play the drums and idolizing bands like Rage Against the Machine and Red Hot Chili Peppers. Now I’ve released a record produced by Garth Richardson, the same producer who worked with those bands and helped them make their iconic records.

GGGarth tuning drums

The man is tuning my snare drum. Sweet Jesus John Frusciante Christ!!

Dusty, Mykel, Dave and I started the initial recording process for this record with Garth in 2012. 2012!! We moved across the country to reach more fans in Ontario and Quebec, leaving behind friends and family (and Dave) in Vancouver. We lived out of a van for half a year to bring our music all over the US, and one particular town in Mexico.

One hundred twenty eight. That’s so many shows, the poster is completely illegible.

It’s been a long journey, filled with struggle and sacrifice. But here we are, and so is the new music. The kid I was in high school could never have imagined that I would actually have something in common with my musical heroes, but now I do.

Buy it!

We stayed hella busy through the summer too.

We recorded a cover of Nirvana’s “Breed”. Then, while brainstorming ideas for a video, we ran out of gas and I had to skate to the gas station with a jerry can and back. So we made that the video. All in a day’s work.

We played a bunch of festivals in Montreal too. First there was Anachronik.


Canadian Music Week was in Toronto. We got Drunk as F@#k after the show and BS’d into the night.

Pouzza Fest took us back to Montreal and into a gnarly skate bowl. We got some sweet press too.


We’re near the bottom right in black print

Punk-O-Rama took us back to Montreal and got us more press love.


“And that drummer! He was like a battering ram with two arms and two legs.” – someone else wrote that about me and I didn’t pay them to do it I SWEAR.

punkorama sorelfest

Sorel Fest was in Sorel-Tracy, which is kind of like Montreal.


In September we are maintaining eye contact and establishing dominance throughout ON/QC with Voltang on the Tabarnak and Back tour.

And that’s just the half of our warpath. Western Canada and Europe are next. Follow us on social media and come get you some!

UPDATE: Over the release weekend, we broke the Top Ten on the Art of the Mix iTunes New Releases chart!

art of mix #10 screenshot


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