The #punk#zombie#rocknroll tour so far

Kill Matilda’s #punk#zombie#rocknroll Tour Extravaganza 2014  in which we reduced the band to a 3-piece and all moved from Vancouver to Toronto to stay probably forever  has been pretty successful thus far, by all counts.

A few points to note, before they fade into the oblivion of my memory/the Internet:

Bucketlist review of the Montreal show:

dude’s a beast – he pounds away at his kit like he’s got a sponsor hook up for new skins while never letting the tempo waver.

In the Walleye review of the Thunder Bay show, first he calls me “demure-looking”, but then:

By the end of their set, Mr. Quiet Drummer has gone full Animal.

Okay. Enough about the drummer, devilishly handsome as he is.

Leading up to the start of the tour, an animated video for Law Abiding Citizen was released.

On April 9, national music mag Exclaim! premiered the video for I Want Revenge, title track from our 2011 debut full-length album, complete with exclusive written feature. I should also mention the video and tour were partially sponsored by my beloved local Cascadian boozemakers Cariboo Brewing.

The Georgia Straight reviewed our #punk#zombie#rocknroll release on the same day. It’s nice to be in Vancouver’s major news and entertainment publication, online and onpaper.

Georgia Straight

See? I told you the drummer was devilishly handsome and incredibly smart.

To top it all off, the night before all this press, we had played in our new home of Toronto to a packed house at the Bovine Sex Club. Later that evening at the Bovine, we ran into Laura Jane Grace of Against Me!, Ian D’Sa from Billy Talent, and the legendary PJ Phil from everyone’s favourite childhood memory, YTV.

Pretty surreal coincidence for a bunch of traveling musicians freshly landed in the big city…

Here’s the complete tour poster of 30 dates, for posterity. Artwork by my good buddy Lee –

Final tour poster


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