I don’t listen to what’s important, I listen to what I like

On the train home from work, a local music mag told me, “it’s time to make a list of what was important that happened in music this year.” And I thought to myself, “Crap.”

I don’t listen to what’s important, new, or innovative. I just listen to what I like. I’m like that bratty kid who only eats the orange peppers, not the yellow or red ones, and I’m not eating that chicken with the skin on it, you can see the hairs eww GROSS!!

Proper music journalists and their year end top 10 lists make me feel pretty guilty for claiming to be a music nerd, what with all the hyperbolic praise for a new handful bands I’ve never heard of. This post started out as an attempt to make my own top 10 list for 2010, but it turns out I haven’t taken in enough fresh music to even make an interesting top 5 list. For shame.

So now I arrive at a compromise and a resolution: 3 recommendations from this past year in no particular order, and a reminder to myself to stop burying my head in decade-old albums, as undeniably awesome as they might be.

Autolux — Transit, Transit

Carla Azar is probably the most creative drummer alive, playing in a cool as hell band. She plays with traditional grip, thereby rendering all criticism against this band invalid.

Sufjan Stevens — All Delighted People EP

Go read about what a genius this guy is on some other blog. All I know is that it’s stupid to call 59 minutes of music an EP. And even if the raucous electronic noises of the full-length album Age of Adz (also released this year) don’t strike you as the sonic equivalent of cacti projected at your face and groin, overall, the songwriting is still stronger on All Delighted People, making it the victor of Sufjan’s post-modern battle against himself.

Carney — Mr. Green, Volume 1

(Overly-)polished blues pop straight from the soul and into your gut. If that description doesn’t intrigue you, know that ringleader Reeve Carney is starring as Spiderman, in a Broadway musical about Spiderman, with music written by U2. If I were making this up, I’d be a New York Times best-selling fiction author right now, instead of… you know, this.


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